Thursday Workshops

PRISMS 11th International Conference will include a variety of topics and speakers.

The conference will begin on Thursday, August 4th, 2022, with two different workshops that will begin at 1:30pm and continue until 4:30pm.

See below for the Thursday workshops that you may wish to attend.

Thursday Workshops for PRISMS 11th International Conference
1:30pm- 4:30pm

1. Teacher and Support Staff Training

Speakers: Barbara Haas-Givler, MEd, BCBA
Panel: Maddie Williamson, GC, Bernadette Damiano, MA, BCBA, LBS

This workshop will provide an overview of the ABC’s of Behavior as well as effective strategies to support behavior and learning for students with SMS. Antecedent strategies, staff, setting, reinforcement schedules and accommodations will be reviewed as they apply to challenging behaviors commonly exhibited by students with SMS. During this workshop attendees will have the opportunity to review components of effective behavior plans, daily/weekly schedules and appropriate accommodations in the school or vocational settings for students with SMS. In addition, there will be an opportunity to brainstorm behavior strategies with other attendees in small, facilitated work groups.

Barbara Haas-Givler is a board-certified behavior analyst and Director of Education & Behavioral Outreach at Geisinger’s Autism and Developmental Medicine Institute in Lewisburg, PA. Ms. Haas-Givler has extensive experience in special education, serving in many different capacities over the course of her career, including classroom teacher, administrator, educational consultant, behavior analyst, and research associate for clinical pharmaceutical trials. Ms. Haas-Givler frequently presents at local and national conferences and provides consultations and trainings on strategies to support students with genetic syndromes. She has co-authored several publications on topics related to genetic syndromes, including frequently cited articles on the educational and behavioral manifestations of Smith-Magenis Syndrome.

2. Shared Living Collaborative

Speaker: Daniela Morse, Executive Director

The Shared Living Collaborative (SLC) creates and celebrates opportunities for all involved to engage in self-directed, meaningful, and purposeful employment, activities, and relationships. Unique, highly individualized, and holistic approaches enable a vibrant and mutually beneficial dynamic throughout all aspects of our occupational, residential, and community life.

Emphasis on the human spirit and human rights, joy for living, and hopefulness, coupled with wholesome and skilled supports results in a nourishing and effective environment, allowing all to pursue goals and visions to the fullest.

At the very heart of these fundamental values and principles are Shared Living and Therapeutic Foster Care Homes, allowing for numerous, diverse community-based settings, facilitating Person Centered Planning, options for choice and self- determination, and our strong belief that everyone must have the opportunity to live a life like “any other” defined by purpose, hopes and dreams, responsible risk-taking, a high quality of life, social connections, and contributions to communities.

Daniela MorseDaniela Morse is the founder and Executive Director of the Shared Living Collaborative, a unique and highly innovative Human Service agency, supporting youth and adults with complex challenges in community integrated settings. Daniela studied Theater and German Literature in Germany prior to coming to the United States and pursuing a master’s degree in Psychology. Daniela has a diverse range of experiences in Human Services including her function as the DCF Adolescent Specialist for the state of Massachusetts and Adjunct Professor at Salem State University, which have provided her with a broad range of knowledge and skills. Daniela strongly believes in utilizing creative and holistic approaches, in assisting youths and adults to achieve the best possible quality of life, and values nature based learning and therapeutic supports. Daniela is a seasoned trainer and her agency was featured in several publications, including the Rolling Stone Magazine.

3. First Steps Session: Navigating the PRISMS Conference

Facilitators/Speakers: Dawnda Daniel, Allison Stephanouk, parents

Parent Ambassadors:  Jean Marie Bishop, Jessica Rogers, Eric Rogers, Jessica Kirklin, Mark Kirklin

PRISMS conferences can often be the first opportunity to meet with other SMS families and interact with other children who have SMS. Our hope is that this session welcomes you into the community, connects you with parents who have faced the same challenges, helps you navigate the conference and gives you an opportunity to have discussions with Parent Ambassadors throughout the conference. We encourage all new (first and second time) attendees to attend. We kindly request that session attendees be at least 15 years old and that individuals with SMS do not attend. The information addressed is intended for caregivers and close relatives.

This is a closed session for first- or second-time conference attendees. No children in the session please.

4. SMS Patient Registry Enrollment

Patient Registry LogoFacilitator: Theresa Wilson, MS, RD, Clinical Research Coordinator

Interested in participating in research? This session will be a place for interested families to learn more and sign up for the Smith-Magenis Syndrome Patient Registry. Walk through the process with our research team and have all of your questions answered! If you are interested, make sure to bring a copy of your child’s genetic testing report in order to complete the sign-up process.

For more information about the registry, please visit our Patient Registry page