Thank you for your interest in PRISMS Teacher/Support Staff Grants. Applications have now closed. The review committee will be releasing final decisions to applicants no later than May 28th, 2018. With questions, please contact

PRISMS is offering up to 12 grants to bring special education teachers, special education coordinators and/or support staff to attend PRISMS 2018 International Conference for training and support.

The application process was open to special education teachers, BCBA, resource specialists, residential or day program support staff and job coaches who also work, or anticipate working, with a student with SMS. This grant program is offered in conjunction with the Teacher Training Workshop that will be presented on Thursday, July 19th, 2018 by Barbara Haas-Givler, MEd, BCBA, and Brenda Finucane, MS, LGC, members of PRISMS Professional Advisory Board. The grants will help support staff to attend the conference and receive training from the SMS experts in the field of education, behavioral supports, vocational training, job coaching and genetics.

See you in Pittsburgh, PA, at the PRISMS 2018 10th SMS International Conference in July!