Each year, on November 17, PRISMS celebrates SMS Awareness Day with the entire Smith-Magenis Syndrome community!

This is a day dedicated to spreading education and understanding of Smith-Magenis Syndrome around the world.

Every November, PRISMS encourages the community to take action, raise awareness, and get involved.


Raise your voices with us and spread understanding of Smith-Magenis Syndrome!

PRISMS is pleased to provide a number of resources for SMS Awareness Day that you can use to raise your voices with us and spread awareness of Smith-Magenis syndrome.

There is an SMS Fact Sheet and an Awareness Day Coloring sheet. You can access these resources using the buttons to the right. They will open in a new browser page/tab where you can download them for your own use. There are some additional resources that can be found in our SMS Awareness Day calendar for November below. Also, there are a few graphics you can download and use on your social media with our hashtags #SMSAwareness, #SmithMagenisSyndrome, #SMSAwarenessDay and#PRISMS.

PRISMS is proud of the strong SMS community we have around the world. We are excited to see and hear about your SMS Awareness Day stories and activities.

This November, we have put together a calendar of action steps that you can take each day to promote awareness of SMS. Get involved! Follow our links and jump on social media to share your story using the hashtags #SMSAwareness #SmithMagenisSyndrome #SMSAwarenessDay and #PRISMS.


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If you would like to obtain any of the awareness items, please email us with your request.

These items are to be used in accordance with PRISMS Terms of Use

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