PRISMS 11th International SMS Conference

Date: August 4-6, 2022

Location: Dallas, TX

Hotel: Hyatt Regency Dallas

Hotel guest room rate: $155

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The goals of the conference include:

  • To understand the medical, social, developmental and behavioral aspects of SMS.
  • To gain knowledge about the most recent advances in diagnosis, management and potential benefits to persons with SMS.
  • To develop intervention strategies, treatment and management plans for persons with SMS.
  • To recognize the psychosocial aspects impacting SMS families and the role of PRISMS as a network.
  • To learn about SMS, past, present and future. And, most importantly, to share information and tips with other families.

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Along with subsidizing almost 400 attendee registration costs, PRISMS provides scholarship opportunities to cover additional conference costs for families, educators, and researchers – ranging from registration, to hotel accommodations, to travel.

We believe the conference should be accessible to all, and we are determined to keep costs of attendance for the SMS community low. PRISMS accomplishes this by providing scholarship opportunities to cover conference costs for families and professionals and heavily subsidizing the true cost to all of our attendees. The true cost per person at our international conference is approximately $760. PRISMS subsidizes roughly $500 per registrant, leaving attendees to cover just 30% of each individual cost to attend.

And we are committed to organizing and hosting a high-quality conference full of content that is relevant and empowering for all attendees.

Together through education, awareness, and research, we are all strong.

Attendee Quotes

We really appreciated the session on special education since our daughter is starting kindergarten this year. We learned about educational advocates and how they can help families navigate through the school system to obtain the services that are best for their child”
– SMS Parents, GA

The PRISMS conference was the highlight of my summer – I LOVE these families!”
– Behavior Therapist, PA

The community PRISMS has created at the conference is approachable, loving and supportive”
—SMS Dad, KS

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At the 2018 International SMS Conference, PRISMS celebrated the 10th conference on SMS and also 25 years of leadership and a future of hope for the global SMS community.

We are honored to share highlights of our 25 years through our 25th Anniversary video. Take a look!

The conference opened with an #IAm Campaign Celebration highlighting the many talents, passions, and characteristics across our vibrant community! Individuals with SMS, Zach Kon, Jeremy Bolt, Julia Cooney, and Cora Faistenhammer joined their families to share their #IAm statements. You can view the #IAm Official Video showcased at the conference here.