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Whether your child is newly diagnosed, you have an older family member with Smith-Magenis Syndrome (SMS), you are a professional supporting an individual with SMS and their family, or you are simply interested in learning about our rare community, welcome!


As you read through the information on our website, you will learn that children and adults with SMS can pose many developmental and behavioral challenges. Keep in mind that these individuals also have many positive and endearing qualities, and they are well loved
by family and friends.

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Take full advantage of the resources PRISMS has to offer. Registering as a member of the PRISMS community is FREE. As part of registration we ask some basic contact information and background questions. We do not share this information publicly.

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You are connecting to a community of people who understand what you are going through, no matter what stage or age. We are here to help and support you. Support is only an email or call away.

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Words of support from our families

“I’ve been connected to PRISMS from the day my daughter received her diagnosis. There is no better foundation for support along this, often wild, journey”

– SMS Dad, IL

“The SMS families I have found through social media and the PRISMS network have been my rock on so many challenging days. They are my family that gets it”

– SMS Mom, NC

“PRISMS is a community that cares. We won’t let you walk this road alone.”

– PRISMS Executive Director

“How fortunate this organization exists as a resource for us all”

– Residential Support Staff