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Newly Diagnosed

If you are associated with a person who is recently diagnosed with Smith-Magenis Syndrome, you're encouraged to begin your search for more information with the "WHAT IS SMS?" menu above. For a more in-depth review of SMS, please see the In-Depth Review page or you can access it directly on the GeneReviews web site.

Research Participation Opportunities

Please see our Research Participation Opportunities page for more information on research studies that is underway and are looking for participants.

What's New

New Executive Director and Board Leadership

PRISMS is honored to share with everyone some exciting news as we enter 2015. We are pleased to announce the selection of Ms. Emily Fields, as the organization's first Executive Director. In addition, we are pleased to announce some changes... Read more

PRISMS Book "On the Road to Success with SMS"

The PRISMS "On the Road to Success with SMS - A Smith-Magenis Guidebook for Schools" by Barbara Haas-Givler and Brenda Finucane is now available for purchase online. PRISMS is very proud to offer this book, which was first featured at... Read more

PRISMS Cookbook - On Sale Now!

The PRISMS Cookbook includes: over 200 delicious recipes submitted by PRISMS family & friends 8  photos of our talented chefs description of SMS & the history of PRISMS The PRISMS Cookbook makes a great gift for the holidays, house warming's, bridal showers and birthdays!... Read more

Upcoming Events