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Smith-Magenis Syndrome – Decades of Discovery

By: Michelle Larscheid, Program Coordinator

Ann C.M. Smith, M.A., D.Sc (Hon), CGC, Chair Emeritus of PRISMS Professional Advisory Board and co-founder of PRISMS, was the keynote speaker for the PRISMS Virtual Summit on September 10, 2021. 

With over 107 views and counting, Ann’s keynote address during the Virtual Summit was the most popular session during our three-day virtual event.  In her presentation, Ann shares the story of her journey to understand Smith- Magenis Syndrome and says the SMS journey is not hers alone to tell.  Her story began over 4 decades ago when she was just a young genetics counselor.  Who could have known then how far PRISMS and SMS research would come?

In honor of SMS Awareness Day, we’re honored to invite you to join Ann as she takes us on a 40-year journey from the 1980s to today with her presentation ”Smith-Magenis Syndrome – Decades of Discovery.“

Keynote Presentation – Ann CM Smith

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