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An Update on our SMS Clinics

Our PRISMS Clinic and Research Consortium (PCRC) has an updated page! Check out the updated page at We hope that this new format can help our families and professionals easily find the expert SMS care that is nearest to you.

The PCRC was launched at the end of 2020 and currently consists of five different member clinics in the United States. These clinics all submitted applications to show that they are interested in and able to provide all of the treatment or treatment recommendations necessary for an individual with SMS. We hope to continue expanding this consortium so that all individuals with SMS can have access to the expert care that they deserve. Membership in the PCRC will also help to promote future research collaborations.

We recognize that visiting a clinic can involve quite a bit of travel for families. To help lessen this burden, PRISMS offers travel reimbursement to help cover the cost of attending a clinic for the first time. You can email us for more information and to receive a travel reimbursement application.

Telemedicine visits may also be possible at some sites – if you are interested, contact the clinic coordinator for more information on the services their clinic provides, including telemedicine visits.

Interested in having a clinic near you? Reach out to our Advisor on Clinic Relations, Robert Miller, at!