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Gift Tips for Your SMS Child

By Michelle Larscheid, Progam Coordinator

Tis’ the season for gift-giving. Are you looking for some holiday gifts ideas for your SMS child?  We have gathered some ideas from our SMS community that might be helpful for you to add to your shopping list!

  • Many parents said their children enjoyed the act of opening gifts so much, that after the presents have been opened, the excitement is gone.  To help keep the surprise going, try getting things your child knows and loves at the dollar store (socks, underwear, pajamas) and just wrap a bunch of inexpensive surprises. 
  • Another mom suggested wrapping the gifts in many paper layers and boxes just so the child can keep opening them.  The use of “blind bags” was suggested as well.  Blind bags, also referred to as surprise packs or surprise toys, involve small and collectible toys hidden inside opaque packaging.
  • Another idea was to buy dig kits from National Geographic.  One mom said these digging kits keep her son engaged for hours.  Keep in mind they are dusty so using outdoors or lining your table with newspaper is suggested.
  • Anything with lights and sounds is a big hit with many SMS children.  Games such as BopIT and light-up Simon are favorites.  Crafts are also quite popular and can keep kids busy drawing, coloring, and doodling. One mom suggested a paper shredder to keep them busy.
  • A few other unique items mentioned were the Lycra Sack, WALIKI Hopper Ball, and a Domino train block set. Some more traditional games include UNO, FARKLE, and a soft body baby doll.  All of these items are available on Amazon. 
Don’t forget, when you shop at, they will donate 0.5% of eligible purchases to PRISMS. 

Do you have any gift ideas that SMS children would enjoy? Email with your gift ideas and we will share them with the SMS Community!