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A Dough-able Birthday Fundraiser

By Adrian Hibbs

Our son Anderson (4) has SMS and does not typically do well in large crowds, so birthdays have always been an interesting experience for us. For this reason, we decided to do a fundraiser to raise money for PRISMS instead of a birthday party.

When I started researching fundraiser ideas and came upon Hurts Donuts, I knew it was the perfect choice! Anderson LOVES donuts and who doesn’t?! We were able to sell the donuts by the dozen and set up a pick up day in our neighborhood! It was a really fun come-and-go day and not too overwhelming for him. Plus, we were in our neighborhood so able to take him home if any meltdowns occurred!

We ended up raising close to $2,000 between donut profits and separate donations made through family/friends/Facebook! Even our neighborhood hospital made a large donation AND made a post to raise awareness on their social media platforms! I would absolutely recommend considering a fundraiser in place of a party or for any occasion! We had so much fun meeting new neighbors and feeling all the love and support for our son and awareness for SMS.

Interested in coordinating a fundraiser for PRISMS? Your contribution will help raise awareness and build knowledge about SMS. Visit our Fundraising page to learn more!