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PRISMS Celebrates Our 25th Anniversary

For 25 years PRISMS has been committed to education, awareness, and research. In this time, we have seen the efforts of a few incredibly dedicated parents and medical professionals grow into a strong community of families and supporters of Smith-Magenis Syndrome. During our anniversary year we want to take the opportunity to reflect on our successes and reaffirm our commitment to the entire SMS community.

With your support, we have provided unparalleled opportunities to connect, resources for new families, and support for all members of the SMS community. Our connection to the SMS scientific community ensures that all materials and programs are built on the current cutting-edge scientific knowledge. We are now building on this strong foundation to contribute additional evidence for research priorities, establish a global network, and provide further assistance to patients and families as they navigate all aspects of living with SMS.

It is fitting that we have the opportunity to come together for our 10th International Conference this year. It is an opportunity for engagement and community building for families and SMS professionals. This signature event highlights PRISMS commitment to science and community building and we encourage everyone to learn more and consider registering today, visit the International SMS Conference page.

As part of the celebration, we also intend to reflect on our values and how these are reflected in PRISMS current initiatives. We hope to reflect on how the organization and our community exemplify the following:

  • Compassionate
  • Empowering
  • Conscientious
  • Inclusive
  • Excellence

Together, we hope to look towards the future as we engage as a global organization, ensure a comprehensive knowledge center for all things SMS, enhance the science of SMS, and connect families with appropriate resources and opportunities to help all individuals with SMS meet their full potential!