PRISMS #HugorBeHugged Community

PRISMS #HugorBeHugged Community are members of our SMS family who have gone above and beyond to create and host opportunities to raise awareness of Smith-Magenis Syndrome and funds to support our mission. All of these fundraisers directly support PRISMS mission.

Their fundraising efforts help PRISMS to improve our programs, keep conference costs more affordable for families, support innovative SMS research and more!



Thank you to ALL of you for supporting us in creating a future of hope for our SMS community!



#HugorBeHugged Community

Raised $10,000 +

Jeremy & Sylvia Farber

Denien Rasmussen


Raised $5,000 – $9,999

Jean Marie Bishop

Allison Stephanouk


Raised $1,000 – $4,999

Diane Erth

Kathleen Macken

Percy & Bernadette Huston

Lindsay Doering


Raised $500-$999

Carol Gritman

Allison Leatzow

Bonnie Krautheimer

Tamara Sutherland


Raised $250-$499

Anna Sewell

Ryan & Nikolas Michaud

Holly Collins

Gail Reiner

Mark Roth


Raised $100-$249

Maricela Garcia

Debbie Billington

Joan Cole

Liz Yates

Tracey Bunde

Tabitha Petkovich

Brenna Hartman

Tyrell Swafford

Jason Doscher

Deana Slatton

In 2019, PRISMS members raised nearly $50,000 for Smith-Magenis Syndrome through community fundraisers.

You can make a difference too!

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