Together for Hope


Collaboration between PRISMS and the SMSRF

PRISMS, Inc. and the Smith-Magenis Syndrome Research Foundation (SMSRF) have worked together to develop the following Mission Statement for Collaboration in recognition of both organization’s desire and willingness to best support the entire Smith-Magenis Syndrome (SMS) community of families and professionals.

Mission Statement:

PRISMS, Inc. and SMS Research Foundation, Inc. support and advocate the individual missions of their separate organizations, uniting their voices to advance clinical and basic research on Smith-Magenis Syndrome (SMS), and combining their awareness efforts through joint awareness campaigns and initiatives to empower the lives of individuals affected by Smith-Magenis Syndrome and to strengthen the solidarity of the SMS community.

Overview of Principles

  1. PRISMS and SMSRF recognize and maintain their individual missions and core values
  2. PRISMS and SMSRF are committed to working together to promote those individual missions in a collegial and non-competitive way to best serve the entire SMS community
  3. The supportive collaboration between PRISMS and SMSRF will specifically:
    • Establish a Collaboration Committee comprised of 2-3 representatives from each organization to maintain routine communication and facilitate joint activities
    • Coordinate to unify their voices around SMS Awareness Day, promoting a common theme and message
    • Develop a joint SMS Research Symposium event to enhance inclusive and open dialogue amongst a variety of  researchers
    • Document an SMS Research Action Plan representing both clinical and basic science needs across the community
    • Represent each other’s organization and work across social media and respective websites
    • Coordinate additional joint initiatives and messaging as necessary