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  • WINTER 2016 (5.4 MB)
    2017 initiatives for PRISMS, "When an SMS Sibling Becomes a Guardian", SMS Awareness Day, IEP Progress Report, and more
  • FALL 2016 (1.8 MB)
    PRISMS 9th International Conference Wrap Up, Dignity of Risk, "The Gateway We're All Traveling Through", Welcome Dianne Samad, and more
  • SUMMER 2016 (1.6 MB)
    PRISMS 9th International Conference, Welcome Dr. Santhosh Girirajan to the PAB, "Lessons I Learned from an SMS Friend", and more
  • WINTER 2015 (1 MB)
    Tribute to Dr. Ellen Magenis, SMS Adult Transition, Caregiving Responsibilities/Sibling Interview Study, Molecular Function of RAI1, Superkid Austin, and more
  • FALL 2014 (3 MB)
    PRISMS 8th International Conference Re-cap, Update from Australia, Regional Rep Bio - Australia Region: Cally Bauman, Evidence Based Medical/Therapeutic Intervention, and more
  • SPRING 2014 (2.7 MB)
    Navigating the Affordable Care Act, New PAB Members, PRISMS 8th International Conference, My Little Angel - David Seely, Superkid Erik, and more
  • SUMMER 2013 (2 MB)
    Adolescent Adventure, PRISMS 8th International Conference, Advocacy Corner: Participating in Extracurricular Activities, Sensory Diet, Superkid Lucas, It Worked For Me! and more
  • WINTER 2013 (1.9 MB)
    Students with SMS: Education, Environment, and the Fallacy of Error, 1st Timer's View of Conference, Safe Spaces, Nickels for Nico, There's an App for That!, Superkid Freddy, SMS Around the World and more
  • FALL 2012 (1.7 MB)
    The Bond - Arkansas State QB and Sister, Reaching an SMS Student, Parents Perspective, PAB Christine Brennan, Choosing Life - Sonja's Weight Loss, SuperKid Molly and more
  • SUMMER 2012 (1.8 MB)
    Food Related Problems with SMS, Power of Gentle Teaching, Conference News, Our Australian Holiday 2011, Advocacy Corner, SuperKid Frances and more
  • WINTER 2012 (1.6 MB)
    From Russia with Love, Dr. Gonzales Laje, Princess in Cowboy Boots, Race Car, Conference News, Research, Jacqueline, Slogan Winners and more
  • FALL 2011 (1 MB)
    Behavioral medications, PAB Beth Solomon, School Progress, A Father's Perspective, Research, Slogan winners, SuperKid Christy and more
  • SUMMER 2011 (1.6 MB)
    Fitness, Board spotlight on Randy Beall, Sarah Elsea, PhD., FACMG, A Father's Perspective, Grandparent's Turn, SuperKid Erica, PRISMS store, PRISMS survey, new website, fundraising support, Sunny Side up and more
  • WINTER 2011 (1.7 MB)
    Sibling Study Part II, PAB Spotlight on Ann C.M. Smith, M.A., D.Sc.(hon), SMS research, Matt Hall SuperKid, A letter to the Doctor, SMS mouse, Life preserver, Fundraising support, SunnySide up and more
  • FALL 2010 (2.4 MB)
    Sibling study, Part 1, Ellen Magenis, MD, Complementary and Alternative Medicine and more
  • SPRING 2010 (1.3 MB)
    Finding and Hiring Helpful Support Staff, Sibling Article, SuperKid Coulter, Camp for your SMS Child, A Letter to the Camp, Sunny Side Up and more
  • WINTER 2010 (1.9 MB)
    Residential School, Dr. James Lupski, SuperKid Marcus Triantafellu, Baylor and Texas news and more
  • FALL 2009 (3.1 MB)
    Conference Report, Beginning Our Journey, Deane's Grandma, SuperKid Rachel Hetherington, Rocky Mountain Get Together and more
  • SUMMER 2009 (1.8 MB)
    Traveling, Brenda Finucane, Preparing Emotionally, SMS Medical Management guidelines, Paris Meeting, Research, SuperKid Rachel Kirklin, Conference Information and more
  • SPRING 2009 (2.1 MB)
    Trials and Tribulations of raising a teenager with SMS, PAB Sarah Elsea, Charley Mayer Lights, Superkid Joel Hanson
  • WINTER 2009 (1.8 MB)
    PAB Barbara Haas-Givler, Part 3 of Caregiver Education research, SMS Down-Under, Superkid Garrett Mock and more
  • FALL 2008 (2 MB)
    Part 2 Caregivers study, Psychotropic Medications, Grandparent's Do's and Don'ts, Donors, Edwin Jimenez memorial, SuperKid Amanda Powers, Noy Goes to Camp and more
  • SUMMER 2008 (1.7 MB)
    Part 1 Caregivers study, Embracing the Inner Toddler, Andrea Gropman, Church and the SMS Child, Discussion Board info, SMS Sleep Treatment Trial, Superkid Connie Luo and more
  • SPRING 2008 (2.7 MB)
    Prevention versus Intervention, PAB:Meet Dr. Kerry Boyd, IEP Tips and more
  • WINTER 2008 (2.4 MB)
    Teaching the SMS Children in the Residential Setting, Genetic/Clinical/Gender Differences in SMS, Speech Therapy Ideas, SMS Picnics and more
  • FALL 2007 (1.3 MB)
    NIH SMS Research Team to Launch Sleep Treatment Study, Hyperacusis in SMS, The Question Box (New)
  • SUMMER 2007 (1.9 MB)
    Dental Craniofacial Findings in SMS, Research Updates, International News
  • SPRING 2007 (812KB)
    Behavior Management (continued), Siblings of Special Needs Children, Challenger League, Special Needs Planning
  • WINTER 2007 (654KB)
    Behavior Management, Nettie's Big Day, Outside the Box, California Fundraiser, Ways to Fund a Special Needs Trust
  • FALL 2006 (1.2 MB)
    Sarah's Story, Pennies in the Pickle Jar, ABC's of Handwriting, GoodSearch, A Sister's Story, New SMS Discussion Forum, 2007 Conference Save the Date
  • SPRING 2006 (890 KB)
    July Awareness month, SMS Awareness Bracelets, Parent Night Out, Understanding Sensory Integration Dysfunction, Donations, Understanding SMS: An OT Perspective
  • FALL/WINTER 2005 (974 KB)
    SMS Awareness Bracelets, Entertainment Books, Great Lakes SMS Golf Outing Results, Regional Picnics, Donations, Respite Articles from parent and professional perspective
  • SPRING 2005 (741 KB)
    Planning for the Future, Great Lakes SMS Golf Outing, SMS Awareness Bracelets, PA SMS Picnic, Donations, CMU Fundraiser, SMS Growth Measurement Chart
  • FALL 2004 (670 KB)
    Educational Implications (Haas-Givler), President's Message, Meet Sarah Poole, 2004/2005 Membership Drive, Early Intervention, 2005 Conference, Shoebox System
  • SPRING/SUMMER 2004 (1.2 MB)
    Hearing in Individuals with SMS, Meet Morgan Jones, Jump Sophie Jump, Free DVD Offer, New Multidisciplinary Study at Texas Children's Hospital, Donor Listing, Wanted: New Treasurer, Great Lakes Region Golf Outing, 2005 Conference Save The Date
  • SUMMER/FALL 2003 (957 KB)
    Fundraising (United Way and Entertainment Books), Camp Breakaway (Australia), Removing the Blinders (article on RAI1 research at MSU), N. CA Garden Benefit, The Long Road to Diagnosis, 3D Photography, Great Lakes SMS Golf Outing
  • WINTER 2003 (720 KB)
    SMS Research Roundtable, Sleep Disturbance in SMS, Resource Marketplace, Conference audio tape order form, Meet Christy McCauley, Zachary and his Vail Bed, Miracles in Education (part 3), PRISMS Board visits NIH, Fundraising Activities
  • SUMMER/FALL 2002 (518 KB)
    NH Golf Tournament, New Board Members, Camp Breakaway (Australia), SMS Bullentin Board, Entertainment Book Fundraiser, Conference Information, Ali Daranyi profile
  • SPRING 2002 (755 KB)
    Conference countdown, NH Golf Tournament, Baylor College of Medicine Needs Info, Board Member Application, 2nd Research Roundtable, Editor Error, "Sweet Caroline"
  • WINTER 2002 (312 KB)
  • SUMMER/FALL 2001 (528 KB)