Become a Member

imgMember1You can now apply for membership to PRISMS online!

Alternatively, you can downloand and print the 2015 Membership Application and mail it (with your membership payment) to the PRISMS address on the form.

Why join PRISMS? Join PRISMS to be a part of and support for all who are affected by Smith-Magenis Syndrome; help families through various stages of life faced by both children and adults with SMS by providing information, increasing public awareness, and understanding through education. Your PRISMS membership is for the calendar year - January to December.

PRISMS membership means:

  • Assisting those children and families in need.
  • Networking with others who understand.
  • Utilizing our website ( that contains a wealth of material on Smith-Magenis Syndrome for families, caregivers, and doctors.
  • Attending PRISMS Conferences every two or three years for face to face discussions with researchers, other experts, and most importantly other families.
  • Learning from our new parent membership packet and our official Spectrum Journal.
  • Sharing on our Facebook and Twitter social network communities.
  • Keeping informed by reading our monthly info mails of current SMS news.
  • Connecting with other families and professionals through our Parent-to-Parent program and Professional Advisory Board.
  • Participating in our organization as a volunteer or board member.
  • Finding inspiration and encouragement from fellow members.

We hope all interested people will join PRISMS!!

PRISMS success and ability to serve families relies on membership, contributions, and  dedicated volunteers. PRISMS is only as strong as its membership. Help us build our membership and our strength.

PRISMS is dedicated to providing support to families of persons with Smith-Magenis Syndrome, sponsoring research and fostering partnerships with professionals to increase awareness and understanding of SMS.