Restaurant Fundraising Ideas

If you are looking for a way to raise funds for PRISMS, consider approaching a restaurant to help support your cause. Local restaurants are often willing to give to community fundraisers to raise awareness of their business, increase their customer base and give to an organization they care about. There are a number of different fundraising ideas you can bring to the table when you approach a local restaurant about supporting your organization.

Check Percentage
Ask a local restaurant owner to donate a percentage of an evening's dinner checks to PRISMS. If they agree, the ball will be in your court to get as many patrons as possible to visit the restaurant on the fundraising evening. The restaurant owner will benefit by an influx of customers, some who will likely be first timers, and your organization will benefit from the proceeds of the check percentages.

Food and Staff Donations
Approach a restaurant owner to donate food and service staff to an event you are hosting in support of PRISMS. They could either offer to open their doors during non-business hours to host your event or supply prepared food and serving staff to another location where your event is being held. Once the details concerning the where and when of your event are taken care of, sell admission tickets to your benefit meal. The restaurant will gain exposure for providing food and service, and your group will make money through ticket sales.

Proceeds from a Menu Item
Ask local restaurant to donate proceeds from the sale of a particular menu item to PRISMS. Have the owner choose a menu item or items, whether it be an appetizer or dessert. Next, see if they would be willing to donate proceeds from the sale of that item for a given amount of time. For example, every Wednesday in February, profits from the sale of cheesecake could be given to PRISMS. Ask to provide inserts for the menus to encourage customers to purchase the item that will benefit PRISMS. Additionally, encourage people to visit the restaurant on the specified nights to purchase the item that will benefit PRISMS. The restaurant will be able to successfully push a certain item, and PRISMS will benefit from the proceeds.